Borvo Silver Beaded Anti-Anxiety Ring

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Product Description

This style of ring from Tibet is often used for meditation because the repetitive motion helps to calm the mind. Put this elegant anti-anxiety 990 silver ring on a finger and play with it instead of pulling at your hair or biting your nails. It's harmless, satisfying, and right there at all times.


The idea is that you wear a ring that is both pretty and offers your hands something to fiddle with. This is much more appealing than a piece of plastic with levers and knobs.


Playing with a fidget toy is often recommended as a way to manage stress and anxiety. It works because it gives your hands something to do so you can focus rather than fidget. Our ring can help you achieve the following:




Choose silver or gold (sold out), pick a size, and you will have a calming solution in your hand at all times. Just spin or slide the wrapped metal adornments.

There are no stones or wide bands to draw attention to your hands in this simple, minimal fidget ring made from silver. You spin the center beads when you need to fidget. This would make a great thumb ring because it is slender and simple.



When you are going about your day, it looks like a lovely, delicate ring. When you need to focus or your stress is running high, it's right there for you to fuss with. The silver beads will calm you right down.


No one will suspect that this beautiful ring is there to help maintain your calm. When you want to focus or give your hands something to do, spin the ring.


Ring Sizing


  • 5 US / 0.607IN or 15.4 MM Diameter
  • 6 US / 0.649IN or 16.5 MM Diameter
  • 7 US / 0.677IN or 17.2 MM Diameter
  • 8 US / 0.720IN or 18.3 MM Diameter

Metal Details

Metals Type: 990 Silver or 99.0% Purity 

We plan to carry a gold version eventually! 

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Delivery & Returns


Borvo offers FREE standard shipping to the USA on all orders. Expect delivery within 3-5 business days. Express delivery is also available and takes 2-4 business days. 



We accept returns and will make size replacements but you'll have to cover shipping your ring back to us. Once received, we'll ship you a new ring back in 3-5 business days!


Any other questions message us on our contact form here or to start a return or exchange just message us here.

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